Terms & Conditions

    • Please read the latest copy of our terms and conditions on our website www.pcdoctorltd.co.uk/terms. PC Doctor Ltd is not responsible for any printing errors, omissions or changes to our website, emails or from any other media and/or printed company documentation. These terms are correct at time of print but are subject to change without notice.
    • PC Doctor Ltd is currently not registered under the ‘Data Protection Act 1998’ as we do not share customer data with any marketing third-parties.
    • Some calls are recorded for your protection and for training purposes.
    • By ordering repairs and maintenance services with PC Doctor Ltd by telephone, customers enter into a ‘service’ contract which is deemed as starting when the engineer arrives at your premises and starts our repair service.
    • Our engineers will diagnose and repair using reasonable care and attention. They are experienced and/or possess qualifications recognised within the industry.
    • All visits are subject to a one hour minimum labour charge which includes vat; subsequent time is charged hourly thereafter, e.g 1.5 hours = 2 hour charge including vat.
    • Our home visits are subject to availability and are carried out on the day of choice (from Monday to Saturday including most Public holidays.) We will provide a booking confirmation along with a copy of our terms and conditions on the day the booking is made; by email, (we cannot guarantee the receipt or acceptance by electronic mail) and prior to work commencing on the day of your booking.
    • We will keep customers informed with engineer arrival information on the day of your visit by email, text or by telephone.
    • PC Doctor Ltd aim to provide diagnosis and/or repair within a reasonable period of time; further time may be necessary when there are difficult to diagnose problems, intermittent faults, or when equipment is older and/or programmes run more slowly.
    • If a customer wishes for our engineer to stop work before it is completed for any reason, PC Doctor Ltd will levy charges according to the price quoted at the time of booking for the work carried out up to the time that work is stopped. The customer must accept that no guarantee will be available for the outcome and refunds for unresolved issues will not be considered. Our 30 day Guarantee will therefore not be available to customers under these circumstances.
    • PC Doctor Ltd on rare occasions reserves the right to carry out some repairs at our workshop. This is usually where more time is required, when diagnostic equipment is necessary, or when we are short of time. In the event of a PC removal, we will make an initial one-hour charge and a further one-hour charge in advance; this charge will include the return of your PC and one full-hour of testing. We will contact you when the fault has been isolated to confirm total repair costs, but we will aim in all cases to return your PC to you within 7 working days.
    • Test results can only indicate the condition of components at the time of testing. Intermittent faults may not present during testing although charges will still apply for the time that the engineer has spent on-site.
    • PC Doctor Ltd cannot be held responsible for the performance and integrity of any third-party software, hardware and/or services including Internet providers and wireless network solutions (due to the general instability of them). We also regret that we cannot be held responsible for the ongoing performance of wireless networks once installed, particularly when it has been moved to other areas of the home (where wall-thickness and other factors are an issue).
    • We assume that the customer (the person making the booking or the person present during our visit) is authorised to make changes; if this is not the case, we must receive written permission (email or hard copy) to work on the PC with the owners consent. We do not accept any liability resulting from unauthorised requests or misleading information.
    • It is the responsibility of the bill payer and/or the nominated person receiving our engineer, to ensure that all critical details i.e., software disks, product keys, licenses, passwords or any account information is made available at the time of our visit. Failure to provide this information may result in incomplete work although charges will still apply.
    • PC Doctor Ltd under no circumstances will be held responsible for any lost or corrupt data during or after a visit. Customers should possess back-ups and accept the risk of data corruption or loss before, during or after an installation.
    • Due to waste disposal regulations, we regret that we are unable to dispose of unwanted PC components to include monitors, printers and base units.
    • Full payment is required on completion of work. Prior agreement will be made at booking-stage regarding payment method. PC Doctor Ltd charge-through costs for credit card transactions (1.75%, normal credit cards, 3.1% American Express. No charge is made for Debit Cards).
    • Customers are required to read and sign our ‘Customer Agreement’on the front of our invoice prior to the commencement of work to confirm that our terms have been made available to read prior to the contract being carried out.
    • It is the customer’s responsibility to protect their PC against viruses and spyware at all times. Customers with reoccurring infections will therefore be exempt from our 30 day guarantee.
    • Some viruses can only be removed completely by uninstalling and reinstalling the operating software. In cases where this is our recommended course of action but if refused, PC Doctor Ltd will attempt to remove the virus at the customer’s own risk, time charges will be levied at the current agreed rate and there will be no guarantee for the outcome. Our 30 day guarantee is excluded from this course of action and no refunds will be levied as an alternative to our guarantee.
    • Engineers carry a limited selection of general stock items available for purchase. If we are unable to supply a stock-part, we will collect payment in advance and return to install within a few days (a minimum one hour labour charge will be levied upon re-visiting and will be subject to time charges thereafter). In cases of emergency or convenience to customers, engineers can also source components by travelling to a local supplier on the customer’s behalf although time and component charges will apply.
    • It is our responsibility to provide goods that will conform to your consumer rights. If you have any concerns that we have not met our legal obligations, please contact us on the address shown overleaf.
    • Business to business contracts do not have the same Consumer rights, if a business receives our service it will be considered as a business to business contract.
    • You may up-grade or repair your PC Doctor Ltd pre-built PC elsewhere only when obtaining prior written consent from us. If the ‘warranty void if removed’ sticker has been damaged and we have not received prior notification, you may invalidate your guarantee with us.
    • Our guarantee does not cover damage to CD/DVD-Rom/Writer drawer mechanisms caused by the customer, damage to CD/DVD Rom drives by the insertion of foreign objects, or damage caused to printer and modem connection leads.
    • We guarantee external devices only if high voltage surge-protectors have been used.
    • Software purchased from PC Doctor Ltd is provided to the customer by way of a DVD disk which is free of any defects upon delivery. Customers may use this disk to reinstall programmes if programs become corrupt.
    • If you are unhappy with our service after our visit, please write to us at: PC Doctor Ltd, Unit D8 Laser Quay, Culpeper Close, Rochester ME2 4HU or email us at office@pcdoctorltd.co.uk. We aim to respond to you in writing within 7 working days in which time a report will be provided by our engineer and we will discuss our findings with you.
    • For disputes that cannot be resolved you may wish to consult a mediation service such as Pro Mediate UK Limited Address: Brow Farm, Top Road, Frodsham, Cheshire WA6 6SP Tel: 01928732455 / 07824704826 E mail: enquiries@promediate.co.uk Web Address: www.promediate.co.uk.

Our Service Guarantee (in addition to your statutory rights). PC Doctor Ltd operates a 30 day Service (Labour) Guarantee. This means that if the same fault returns we will book a return visit to you within two working days to ascertain the cause. If our workmanship is at fault, we will carry out remedial repairs free of charge. Exclusions which would incur charges:

    • The issue relates to something which is completely beyond our control, i.e. customer/third party use/software/hardware/internet/service providers etc.
    • Any exclusion listed within this document.

Cancelling your contract (Goods and Services) Contracts made by telephone allow customers to cancel their contract within 14 days. This is known as a cooling off period. If a customer requires an urgent repair within the fourteen day cooling off period, we will inform them by phone, email and by hand prior to commencement of work of how this may affect their right to cancel as our service may have already been ‘performed’. Any payment made up to the point of cancellation will be retained by us for work already carried out. This may also apply to labour costs associated to the necessary provision of goods although goods purchased (over £42) may be cancelled in this 14 day period. If you want to reject goods within 14 days, please advise us by telephone or by email or complete the form overleaf and we will uninstall and remove them free of charge. Once inspected, a refund will follow within 7 days. Please note that your PC may not be fully operational if this course of action is required and a charge of up to 10% of the total value of goods may be applied if there are any defects found. Faulty Goods under 30 days If goods are suspected to be faulty within 30 days of purchase, please tell us and we will send an engineer to test the part. If tests prove the part is faulty, we will replace it free of any charges, (subject to availability). Ordered parts may take a few days to arrive. Customers also have the right for the component to be removed and refunded as an alternative option; refunds will be made within 7 working days of removal. Please note this option may mean your PC may not be left in full working order, we regret that we cannot be held responsible for this. Faulty Goods over 30 days and up to one year after purchase: After 30 days after purchase and up to 1 year, we will provide a non urgent engineer’s visit free of charge within 7 working days of your call. If the diagnosis confirms faulty, components will be replaced without cost. Unrelated, diagnosis will levy charges at the normal rate.

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